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Scalp Clinique Micro
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 by Michael

This guy is amazing. Changed my life forever. He’s Very understanding, patient, and flexible with his advice merging with what look you want. If you’re not sure with how you want it to look like, like I was, his recommendation was definitely spot on with what would be a more natural look.

He made me go from scared doubter to a 100% believer of smp. It’s an amazing feeling and to look back at the before pictures he took, it makes you say to yourself, “I should of done this a looong time ago.”

A True Professional, True Artist, and Truly Caring. 5 stars isn’t enough for this guy, give him 10!!

 by Siva Srinivasan

I was wearing a hairpiece / skin graft for about 13 years. I was worried about the chemicals involved, the glue, the leave-on conditioners, the solvents and the tape etc etc.. these carcinogens are not good for your body. On an average this skin graft takes about 20 mins a day to glue on, style it and get dressed. I have decided to meet Mr. Thomas McDonald. He is a wonderful artist and understood my requirements. Tom was patiently designing the scalp looks and advised me on natural hairline, which I initially thought is not perfect. After my first session, I realized Tom is a thorough professional and knows what he is doing. he is correct. His natural hairline suggestion worked really well and after 4 sessions, I travelled to India. My parents, my siblings and my cousins loved my new look. The pigmentation is a freedom. I no longer need to wear a skin graft, no more glues and adhesives, no more conditioners. no more worries. I dive in to pool, I go to gym, I go to work with 100% improved confidence. Thanks to the micro-pigmentation procedure done by Mr. Thomas McDonald and I recommend every bald men out there to consider this procedure. Patience is the key, the procedure might be slightly painful at the beginning if you never had a tattoo. After 2/3 sessions, it feels normal and you’re ready to fill your head with wonderful micro pigments.

 by Terrance Lacey
Thomas (Pensacola)

First and foremost,

Thomas was honest with me from day one! His advice was spot on when choosing the hairline, which was my greatest concern. I wanted to go pretty hard on the hairline at first, but he talked me into going a little less. It worked! My result was realistic and I couldn’t be happier with each visit! He has been diligent on follow ups and making sure that the result is adequate!

Thanks Thomas

 by Chris P

Thomas is an expert in smp. He worked with me to achieve the exact look I was wanting… even for me in on days for touch ups when he was busy. He’s a stand up guy and master at what he does. Highly recommend.

 by Manny
Thomas The Man!

I worked with Thomas. He is such a patient and great guy. made sure I got the perfect experience! Thumbs up!

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