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Thomas McDonald has been quietly growing his scalp micropigmentation business in Florida. Never one to seek the limelight, Thomas has steered clear of high profile marketing tactics, preferring to grow his company slowly and organically. He barely posts on social media, something of an oddity in today’s Facebook culture.

For this reason, you’d be forgiven for not recognizing Thomas by name. After all, unless you take time to research the various scalp micropigmentation clinics in Florida, you’re unlikely to come across Thomas or his business.

However, all this is about to change after Thomas McDonald received no fewer than THREE awards for excellence, at the Scalp Aesthetics Scalpacon 2017. Thomas swept the board winning Top Male Artist, Best Procedure and the most coveted award, Scalpa Artist Of The Year.


So who is Thomas McDonald, and where did he come from? Well, like many of the best technicians, Thomas is a former hair loss sufferer who spent a long time searching for a holistic non-surgical treatment option.

He explored a number of remedial possibilities, however Thomas has never liked the idea of pills. In every aspect of his life, Thomas avoids putting any kind of chemical into his body unless absolutely necessary, and he doesn’t believe in unnecessary intervention unless the situation calls for it.

When he discovered scalp micropigmentation for the first time, Thomas immediately knew that SMP was perfectly aligned with his health and fitness passion and ideals, and would restore his self confidence. When his procedure was finished and he went back to his everyday life, Thomas knew it was a service he could learn to perform himself, and offer to others who were experiencing the same feelings of anxiety about their hair loss.

Given Thomas’ background in customer service, he also knew he could provide a high quality client experience that he felt was lacking with some other providers.

Triumph from tragedy

Early on in the business building process, Thomas McDonald recruited a top barber from Pensacola named Gershon Hamel.

Gershon was awarded Best New Artist at the 2016 Scalp Aesthetics conference. As well as his obvious talent, Gershon was a friendly and immediately likeable character who clearly had a great passion for scalp micropigmentation, and a real zest for charitable causes and life in general.

Sadly just two weeks later, Gershon passed away suddenly and unexpectedly.

Thomas continues to build on what the two artists began together, and has since facilitated the launch of nine Scalp Aesthetics clinics located throughout the FL panhandle, and opened the first recognized scalp micropigmentation clinics in the states of Alabama and Louisiana.

A bright future

Thomas continues to mentor ten aspiring SMP artists and cosmetic technicians, and makes himself personally available for private sessions at locations throughout the country, if requested by name.

New artists entering the industry are invited to benefit from mentoring or hands-on training at any of the ten locations he manages. Interestingly, this includes paid and unpaid scalp internship opportunities.

Thomas offers free advice for anything SMP-related, whether pertaining to the launch of a new clinic, or about technical aspects of the procedure itself. All he asks in return is a nominal donation to Gershon’s charitable fund.

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