Scalp Aesthetics has the best hands-on training worldwide. With the growing popularity of scalp micropigmentation and its amazing results, more and more people want to try their hand at this innovative hair loss treatment. Innumerable providers of this service are emerging at a very fast pace after seeing the increasing prominence of this technique.

There was no viable and permanent solution for hair loss before the advent of this highly effective technique. But scalp micropigmentation is a one-of-its-kind solution that is guaranteed to work. It has shown positive results for both men and women that were suffering from hair loss.

Even though there are no surgeries and other medications involved in the procedure of scalp micropigmentation, there are several skills in the technique to be mastered. Only a well-trained and dexterous technician can perform this procedure efficiently. From learning the basics of setting up the machines to a more complicated process of defining natural hairlines, there is a lot that you must learn.

Unlike other companies that boast of teaching scalp micropigmentation in only 3-4 days at a very expensive price, our pledge is that we will not leave you until you become proficient. Our training is comprised of both online and one-on-one training with live models.

How is this training program beneficial?

We all know that it is not possible to learn anything perfectly in only a few days. Only a detailed and comprehensive study of the subject with one to one examples will make you an outstanding SMP technician. Therefore, Scalp Aesthetics has specifically designed this scalp micropigmentation training course. In this training program, you will be taught until you become a master of the craft. You will also work one-on-one with renowned master artist Thomas.

You will learn how to create well defined natural hairlines. Other professional techniques such as blending surrounding hair, appreciation of hair density and penetration depth, as well as concealment of alopecia and scar camouflage will also be shown to you during the course. After acquiring the important technical skills, you will discover how to set up your business and attract new clients regularly.

This training system covers the following:

  • Customer acquisition
  • The consultation process
  • Managing expectations of the client
  • Concept of scalp micropigmentation
  • Safety and sanitation processes
  • Introduction of the Scalpa Machine
  • Introduction to pre-care and aftercare products
  • Color science and ink combination
  • Symmetry and touchups
  • Depth techniques
  • Building and matching density
  • Creation of conservative, natural and hard hairlines
  • Scar & Alopecia coverage

Training Costs (includes SMP equipment and tools* and Business Development Training**)

If you have permanent make-up or tattooing experience and wish to use your own machine, the cost is $1000 lower:

Option I – Pro Package – $3,999
Completion time: 1-2 weeks online plus 3-day course.
(Subject to course schedule. Limited space available)

Includes Scalpa Academy Starter Kit with access to non-interactive online training tutorial + 3-day intensive course with Thomas and live models. 3-day courses typically run every 6-8 weeks.

Option II – Elite Package – $4,499
Completion time (flexible 3-4 weeks)

Includes Scalpa Academy Starter Kit with access to non-interactive online training tutorial + one-on-one internship with Thomas and live models/clients.

Option III – Expert Package – $4,999
Completion time (flexible 4-7 weeks)

Includes complete Scalpa Academy Interactive online course + one-on-one internship with Thomas after completion of online course with live models/clients.

** SMP Equipment and tools included in Scalpa Starter Kit:

  • SCALPA Machine(including: foot pedal, clip cord, power supply)
  • SCALPA inks (3ml each of AL, SC, PA)
  • 3 sterile blister-packed needles
  • 3 tubular grips
  • 3 rubber grommets
  • 3 ink wells

** Business Development Training includes independent ownership advice as well as affiliate location opportunities and marketing affiliations.